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The fees for the name 11+ maths tutors in the UK are excessive simply because anxious parents pay their fees. Undoubtedly the old crop of math teachers from UK have a lot of experience, and previously this helped children get admission into the top grammar and independent schools. With the competition for grammar school admissions driving 11+ math tutor fees up, it's no surprise rockstar 11+ math coaches command premium prices to help students succeed in intensively competitive exams like the eleven plus.

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Mathematics topics for the 11 plus exams

11 plus exams include the following topics for mathematics :

  1. Numbers and Arithmetic

  2. Fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportions

  3. Algebra

  4. Shapes and geometry

  5. Measurements (including time)

  6. Word problems including logical thinking

  7. Statistics, data handling and probability

Unique online teaching methods for 11+ maths with solid results

The online tutoring methods at 11PLUSTUTOR.UK are unique and effective, with results that show.

We use a variety of interactive online teaching methods in order to help students cover the course and crack the exams. These include:

  • Online video tutorials

  • Interactive exercises and games

  • One on one individual 11 plus math coaching

Benefits of online maths tutor for 11+ exam preparation

An 11 plus online maths tutor can be a great help when it comes to preparing for your child's 11-plus exam. There are many benefits of using a 11+ maths online tutor from India, including:

  • Affordability - Cheap 11 plus online tutoring is typically much more affordable than private lessons with a regular teacher. This is because the average hourly rate of an in-person tutor is significantly higher than that of an online tutor, and there are no travel costs associated with scheduling lesson appointments. Online tutors also tend to have lower prices because they don't have to pay for office space, equipment or supplies.

  • Flexibility - if you're looking for extra tutoring help outside of school hours, then getting an 11 plus maths online tutor can be perfect! You'll be able to work at any time that's convenient for you (and your family), 24/7

Eleven plus math resources for online 11+ exam preparation

When you have to prepare for the 11 plus maths test, there are many resources available online on our website. We have listed just some of the best ones below:

Online 11 plus English and maths tutors are available 24x7

Online 11 plus English and maths tutors are available 24x7. Our 11 plus online tutors can be reached via email, phone or video chat.

Their expertise in many subjects will help you achieve your goals faster and thoroughly prepare you for the exam. The best part? They are professional senior teachers who have decades of experience helping students succeed in their exams!

How do I contact 11 Plus Maths Tutors ?

To contact our team of 11 Plus maths tutors :

  • Visit our website.

  • Register using our contact form.

  • Contact us via WhatsApp or call us on +91 99535 86513.


At 11PLUSTUTOR.UK We are here to help you with all your 11 plus Maths and English preparation requirements. Our online tutors will provide you with the best learning environment and effective resources that will help you in achieving your goal of getting your child into the school you want.