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Manoj is a savvy Elevenplus coach in New Delhi, India teaching GCSE,IGCSE, IB, A-Levels and 11+ Mathematics for over 14 years, and experienced in home and online 11 plus tuition for CSSE admissions near Essex, UK.

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One-on-One online 11 plus tuition from India has become very popular with UK based parents. This is partly due to the increase in online learning, but also because it's much cheaper than hiring a local tutor or sending your child to a local 11+ centre for English or Maths lessons

The real reason you can get highly experienced and qualified 11+plus teachers from India and Singapore at low "Off Peak" fees is because of the TIME DIFFERENCE between Asia and England. When UK kids return from school by 5 PM it is night time in Asia when tutors don't teach there.

When you opt for 11PLUSTUTOR.UK's low cost online 11 plus tuition from India, you are selecting highly experienced tutors who have been working in the UK education system. These online tutors have a wealth of knowledge about the UK curriculum, school admissions and 11+ teaching methods.

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Smart UK parents are looking to overseas 11 plus tutors in this recession. The cost of top quality 11 plus tuition in UK is now exorbitant and simply not affordable. Several parents have had to go back to work just to pay for 11 plus tutors from the UK. Also, finding good quality 11 plus tutors for private schools can be difficult these days as there are so many parents wanting them and tutor fees are shooting through the roof.

London and UK Based 11+ Tutors are too expensive for most British parents.

At 11PLUSTUTOR.UK, we understand that not all parents can afford costly private tutoring services from within Britain itself, that's why we offer cheaper alternatives that impart excellent 11+ online coaching at very reasonable fees from £8/hr without a burning hole in your wallet.

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If you want to opt for online coaching from India, then 11PLUSTUTOR.UK is the right place for you. Our online tutors from India are much more affordable and better experienced than UK tutors. We have senior and highly experienced and qualified 11+ tutors who are available all the time to guide your children in their preparation for 11+ exams. They will also help them develop their skills such as reading, writing and math with proper motivation so that they can pass the exam easily without much effort on their part.

Our full time professional tutors provide regular tuition classes to students according to their needs and levels in a friendly atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas or asking questions so that they can make sure they understand everything clearly before moving on to another topic in the next class session (tutor lesson).

Benefits of online maths tutor for 11+ exam preparation

An 11 plus online maths tutor can be a great help when it comes to preparing for your child's 11-plus exam. There are many benefits of using a 11+ maths online tutor from India, including:

  • Affordability - Cheap 11 plus online tutoring is typically much more affordable than private lessons with a regular teacher. This is because the average hourly rate of an in-person tutor is significantly higher than that of an online tutor, and there are no travel costs associated with scheduling lesson appointments. Online tutors also tend to have lower prices because they don't have to pay for office space, equipment or supplies.

  • Flexibility - if you're looking for extra tutoring help outside of school hours, then getting an 11 plus maths online tutor can be perfect! You'll be able to work at any time that's convenient for you (and your family), 24/7

Eleven plus free resources for online 11+ exam preparation

When you have to prepare on the cheap for the 11 plus tests, there are many resources available online on our website. We have listed just some of the best ones below:

Affordable online 11 plus English and maths tutors are available 24x7

Online 11 plus English and maths tutors are available 24x7. Our 11 plus online tutors can be reached via email, phone or video chat.

Their expertise in many subjects will help you achieve your goals faster and thoroughly prepare you for the exam. The best part? They are professional senior teachers who have decades of experience helping students succeed in their exams!

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