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Manjeet is a senior 11plus online tutor for mathematics in Chandigarh, India teaching GCSE, IGCSE, IB, A-Levels and 11+ Mathematics for over 12 years, and focussed in CSSE online 11 plus coaching for schools in Essex, UK.

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Online tuition is becoming increasingly popular in the UK among parents of Year 4 and Year 5 children. Online coaching offers many advantages over traditional in-person tutoring. As a parent, online tutoring saves time traveling to and from sessions, arranging childcare, and having to share your child’s attention with other family members.

Many of the best online 11 plus tutors charge less than their classroom counterparts for much the same reasons we parents prefer it. You can usually get the best 11 plus tuition online for your child for a fraction of the cost. If you’re interested in globally locating the best online 11+ tuition for your child, you’ll be pleased to know that ONLINETUTORASIA has plenty of experienced and qualified online Maths and English tutors specialising in 11 plus preparation.

When choosing an eleven plus online tutor, remember that although tutor qualifications are important – even the experienced and well qualified 11 plus tutor must have the empathy to work patiently but firmly with very young children and keep them focused 'on target' at all times.

At 11 PLUS TUTOR UK we only accept applications from our 11 plus tutors with a first class masters degree or above and with a minimum teaching experience of 10 years at least 5 years of which was in online coaching. Our team of eleven plus online tutors have a range of degrees including mathematics, physics or law but even our English specialists have first class degrees outside English.

So when you need top quality highly experienced and very senior 11+ online teaching at home for One on One 11+ coaching at very low fees, just contact 11PLUSTUTOR.UK by Whatsapp or use our form today !

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Things to consider when choosing 11 plus online tutors

The fees for the bespoke 11+ maths tutors in the UK are excessive simply because anxious parents pay their ridiculous fees. Undoubtedly some of the old crop of math teachers from UK have a lot of experience, and previously this helped children get admission into the top grammar and independent schools. However, with competition for grammar school admissions driving 11+ tutor fees up, it's no surprise most parents in UK can't afford one-to-one 11+ coaching and compromise with group coaching instead.

When you are trying to locate the best online 11+ tutors from India for your child, it helps to know that there is currently so much demand (far outstripping supply) for the few really expert 11+ online teachers in UK that smart Asian parents are going overseas to India and Singapore for the best 11 plus online teachers at very reasonable fees from £8/hr

Unique online teaching methods for 11+ maths with solid results

The online tutoring methods at 11PLUSTUTOR.UK are unique and effective, with results that show.

We use a variety of interactive online teaching methods in order to help students cover the course and crack the exams. These include:

  • Online video tutorials

  • Interactive exercises and games

  • One on one individual 11 plus math coaching

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To contact our team of top online 11 Plus tutors :

  • Visit our website.

  • Register using our contact form.

  • Contact us via WhatsApp or call us on +91 99535 86513.


At 11PLUSTUTOR.UK We are here to help you with all your 11 plus Maths and English preparation requirements. Our online tutors will provide you with the best learning environment and effective resources that will help you in achieving your goal of getting your child into the school you want.